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Thank you for visiting Aloha Beach Camp's summer camp blog. Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic-focused day camp program for kids and teens ages 4 to 14 in Los Angeles, California. 2018 Summer Camp activities include surfing lessons, boogie boarding, ocean swimming lessons, tubing, jet skiing and more at Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove in Malibu, and Castaic Lake in Valencia (just outside L.A.) plus other amazing aquatic venues. Join us for summer camp 2018!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Boating Activity Pictures

Everyone one loves pictures, and nothing tells a better story or shows how much fun we have at camp than an exciting photo or two. So we've decided to spend some time posting some of the best pictures of happy campers and fun activities we've taken over the years. Here's a couple photos of our boating activity, which takes place every Wednesday all summer at Castaic Lake. Campers love it!

Campers and their Counselor gliding accross the water in their speed boat at Castaic Lake.
Four female teenage campers sitting in their docked speed boat while their boat driver joins them for a group photo.
 Two twin boys sitting at the bow of the speedboat at Castaic Lake

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Is the Summer Camp Jet Skiing Activity Safe?

Camp counselor and camper jet skiing at Aloha Beach Camp's Castaic Lake summer camp activity site.
Jet skiing's an activity every camper loves, but also has the potential to raise safety concerns for
parents. You don't need to worry though.

We've been running our jet skiing program at Castaic Lake for 19 years and never had a single issue. Campers and staff wear lifejackets, the counselors drive the jet skis, and the lake lifeguards and sheriffs are right beside us giving us safety tips and supervision so everyone stays safe and has fun

No Surfing Experience Necessary

When we talk to parents considering our camp, a common concern that comes up is what happens if their kids don't know how to surf or they're otherwise unfamiliar with the ocean activities we do?

Please don't worry.

Even if your child hasn't surfed, boogie boarded, jet skied, body surfed, or for that matter doesn't have any ocean experience at all, we'll make sure they're safe, have a blast, and learn how to do everything in a step-by-step manner according to a comfortable pace they'll enjoy.

Learning to surf, like all the ocean activities we offer, is purely instructional and the learning process is part of the fun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Does this Make You Sick or What? (You'll Laugh, Though!)

We had a Counselor Talent Show this summer at camp when Camp Director KK decided his talent was to do the "Dizzy Bat Game." It makes you sick to your stomach just looking at it!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to Save $55 at Summer Camp Right Now

Many families send more than just one child to camp. Their kids often attend with one or more siblings.

Aloha Beach Camp offers a sibling discount of $3 per day per child.

Someone just signed up for camp this morning for 10 days of camp for both of their kids.

So, the second child got a $30 discount (saving $3 per day for 10 days).

They family then combined their $30 discount with Aloha Beach Camp's $25 discount coupon which is available when you register for 5 days of camp or more.

They saved $55 just like that!

You can do the same when you send more than one child to camp :)