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Thank you for visiting Aloha Beach Camp's summer camp blog. Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic-focused day camp program for kids and teens ages 4 to 14 in Los Angeles, California. 2017 Summer Camp activities include surfing lessons, boogie boarding, ocean swimming lessons, tubing, jet skiing and more at Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove in Malibu, and Castaic Lake in Valencia (just outside L.A.) plus other amazing aquatic venues. Join us for summer camp 2017!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Are we adding a bus stop in Pasadena this summer?

Aloha Beach Camp's Pasadena Summer Camp bus
Yesterday we were chatting online (on our website) with a potential camp parent who was interested in our transportation program. She was asking whether we could add a new bus stop in the Pasadena area this summer because her son and three of his friends would like to attend Aloha Beach Camp.

I am happy and excited to explain to you exactly what I explained to her.

For many years (at least the past 6 or 8) we've hoped (and even attempted a few times) to add a summer camp bus stop in Pasadena so campers living in Altadena, Sierra Madre, La Canada Flintridge, and the surrounding areas could enjoy the Aloha Beach Camp experience without needing to drive too far to meet the bus at an existing stop like they do now.
Unfortunately, for one reason or another, we have not been able to figure out (logistically, anyway) the best way to do this, so we have simply not offered a pick-up point in the Pasadena area.

This might be changing for summer 2017!

We've spent the last several weeks working extremely hard to make our bus routes more efficient for the coming summer while determining the best way to add more pick-up and drop-off points, Pasadena included.

But not just in Pasadena.

We are hoping to include bus stop meeting points in the Burbank, Loz Feliz, and Glendale areas, too. This will help make the Aloha Beach Camp experience more accessible for everyone!

Now if you live in one of these areas, please don't get too excited -- yet. We have quite a bit of work to do before we can definitively say transportation will be available in these areas this summer. But we are getting closer and will make a specific announcement in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

How we Define, "The Best Camp Experience Possible"

We often get contacted by journalists, bloggers, and various publications this time of year who want to interview us for articles they're writing about camp.

Today a writer named Jenna called to tell me she's compiling information for an upcoming article she's writing called, "How to find the Best L.A. Summer Camps for Kids and Teens."

Since Jenna's interviewing several other camp directors besides me and her article won't be done for a few more weeks, she asked me not to mention too much publicly about it till later. But I can tell you this.

One of the questions Jenna asked me was, "What exactly are you trying to accomplish through the Aloha Beach Camp program?

The answer is simple. We want make sure campers have the best camp experience possible. "The best camp experience possible" means making sure our campers make tons of new friends, bond with their camp counselors, learn new aquatic skills, create many happy memories and want to come back for more the following year.

If we don't accomplish at least these minimum outcomes, we don't feel like we've done our job. We'd be letting our campers down if they don't leave Aloha Beach Camp saying our program was the most fun they've ever had at any camp, EVER.

That's our pledge to Jenna... and to you. We hope you'll try Aloha this year to see what all the fun's about. But if your whole family doesn't love the Aloha Beach Camp experience, we don't deserve to keep your money. We'll give you 100%, no questions asked, money back refund on the spot whenever you decide.

That's our Happy Camper Guarantee, and it's only available at Aloha Beach Camp!

Friday, January 6, 2017

What if My Child is Scared to Surf?

Many kids who attend Aloha Beach Camp want to learn to surf. They also have numerous other activities to choose from, but for many campers surfing's the primary draw.

Sometimes, though, like anything new, just the idea of surfing can be somewhat intimidating, especially for younger campers who may have a tough time warming up to it.

The good news is, these feelings usually don't last long. Our counselors are sensitive, patient, caring, and know how to present each camp activity (including surfing) so any "fear factor" campers might be feeling is only temporary.

Many campers over the years have at been scared or intimated to surf the first couple days they're at camp. But after spending a little time watching other kids try it -- combined with encouragement from our staff -- they are eager to try it themselves! Aloha's philosophy of encouraging campers to try new activities, but never forcing them, is the number one way to actually get campers new activities they might otherwise prefer to skip over.

"Encouragement from our staff" are the operative words. If campers don't "connect" with their counselors, this can make for a challenging camp experience. That's why we go out of our way to hire only the best staff with the highest credentials.

With reference to surfing, we're fortunate to have surf instructor Jessica Jelinski on staff with us. During the school year, Jessica's a surf instructor for the University of California at San Diego's (UCSD) surf team. In the summer she's all ours, and your kids will love her!

We hope you enjoy the quick (well, about 2 minutes or so) video of Jessica demonstrating exactly how we teach kids to surf. The two campers shown in the video initially did not want to surf when they came to camp. But after a brief time of working with Jessica, now they can't get enough! In fact one of them asked their parents for a new surfboard for Christmas so she could surf all year-round, not just during the summer with Aloha. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Looking for a Summer Job? Be a Camp Counselor in 2017

Five (5) boys with Camp Director Jessica standing on the sand with blue Zinka on their faces and ready to enter the ocean

Aloha Beach Camp is hiring camp counselors for the 2017 summer camp season. While we don't know exactly how many positions we'll have available this year, we definitely have some. So if you're a college student looking for a summer job -- and if working at the beach with kids sounds appealing to you -- here's a little more info about what we offer in terms of job positions. If you like what you see, feel free to apply today.

Four camp cousnselors and camp directors wearing Aloha Beach Camp shirts standing together at Zuma Beach

We need to warn you about just one thing. Even though this job is meant to be fun, it is definitely NOT easy. If you're looking for a "kick-back" job opportunity where you just "hang out at the beach" all day and collect a paycheck, please don't bother to apply. You'd just be wasting your time and ours because this job is NOT the cakewalk employment opportunity it may appear to be. Working outside in the sun with kids all day is tiring, challenging, tries your patience, and definitely NOT easy IN THE LEAST. Accordingly, we only hire responsible, mature, high-energy people who are capable of meeting (actually, exceeding) our job performance expectations of them. Apply at your own risk!

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Keiki camp boy boogie boarding next to his camp counselors and camp director in the ocean at Paradise Cove

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