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Thank you for visiting Aloha Beach Camp's summer camp blog. Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic-focused day camp program for kids and teens ages 4 to 14 in Los Angeles, California. 2017 Summer Camp activities include surfing lessons, boogie boarding, ocean swimming lessons, tubing, jet skiing and more at Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove in Malibu, and Castaic Lake in Valencia (just outside L.A.) plus other amazing aquatic venues. Join us for summer camp 2017!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Check out the Keiki Camp's Master Daily Activity Schedule for Summer 2017

We've just completed our 2017 summer day camp activity schedule for our Keiki Camp program.

 Check out the daily calendar to see how much fun you'll have at camp!

Keiki Camp takes place at Paradise Cove, Malibu and serves boys and girls ages 4 to 7. Many preschool campers enjoy this program as it provides an introduction to the beach and beach activities just for younger kids.

Colorful infographic of Aloha Beach Camp's 2017 summer day camp activity schedule for its Keiki Day Camp program.
You can sign up for camp day-by-day with no advance sessions to conform to. Pick a day here, a day there, and send your child to camp on any given schedule that suits your family best.

When you sign up for Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp, you can pick any day or days you want your child to attend all summer. There's no minimum day requirement, and there's no prearranged enrollment sessions, either, so feel free to create any type of daily or weekly schedule the works best for your family. Learn more about our unique day-by-day enrollment format, then choose a day here, a day there, and create your own camp schedule on your own terms

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why Do We Operate Our Keiki Camp Program at Paradise Cove?

Why Keiki Camp Takes Place at Paradise Cove Instead of  Traveling to Different Beach Site Locations Like the Kahuna and High Action Camps Do

As you may know, Aloha Beach Camp runs three age-appropriate summer day camp programs under the Aloha name:

1. Keiki Camp program is for our youngest campers from preschool through age 7
2. Kahuna Camp program serves boys and girls 8 to 11
3. High Action Camp serves kids and teens ages 12 to 15

All three programs take place at L.A.'s best beaches, lakes and water parks. In general, though, that's where the similarity ends - at least with respect to the specific beaches where the programs take place.

The main difference is, while Kahuna and High Action campers travel to numerous aquatic sites on a rotating basis all summer, Keiki Camp generally takes place at a single beach, Paradise Cove, instead.

Kahuna and High Action Campers Experience a Variety of Different Beaches

For Aloha's older campers, namely our High Action and Kahuna groups, experiencing a wide variety of activity sites is a regular and important part of their camp program.

Group of young children playing together on the beach at Aloha Beach Camp's Paradise Cove summer camp program in Los Angeles, CAFor example, on Monday we might go to Zuma Beach, Tuesday Hurricane Harbor, Wednesday Castaic Lake, Thursday Oxnard, and Friday we might be back at Zuma. We intentionally designed the Kahuna and High Action programs this way so older campers could enjoy a wide variety of the best aqautic venues L.A. has to offer.

Traveling from program location to program location, activity site to activity site, is fun way to go to camp. The older kids enjoy Aloha's itinerant program format because every day is a new adventure. In fact, depending on a given camper's registration schedule (you can choose your own days at Aloha Beach Camp), he or she could potentially visit a different beach, lake or aquatic site every day they come to camp.

Keiki Camp Works Differently

While the older campers visit multiple beach sites as a standard part of their camp program, Keiki Camp works differently in that it runs almost exclusively Paradise Cove. (We say almost exclusively because from time-to-time Keiki campers visit Zuma Beach for surfing lessons. Other than that, Paradise Cove is the Keiki Camp's one and only home.)

Now you might be asking yourself, why don't Keiki campers have a mobile program format like Kahuna and High Action kids?

The short answer is, given their younger age, it's important for Keiki kids to experience camp in a more permanent setting, and Paradise Cove is the ideal place.

Continuity and Familiarity Are Keys to a Successful First-Time Camp Experience

For the most part, Keiki campers are extremely young. They're at a completely different developmental stage than the older kids. Most have not been away from home for extended periods of time or even to preschool yet. Many are experiencing the beach and ocean -- if not camp itself -- for the first time with us.

Accordingly, while most Kahuna and High Action kids view the opportunity to visit different beaches an exciting part of their daily camp routine, traveling to new places for camp each day could actually have a negative effect on the younger Keiki kids, who are generally more prone to homesickness, fear of the unknown, and may not adjust to change as well.

Keiki campers and their camp counselors sitting on the beach playing with beachballs at Aloha Beach Camp at Paradise Cove
Beach ball fun on the beach at Keiki Camp at Paradise Cove

As Dr. Laura Markham points out on Pregnancy.com, children (especially younger ones) tend to do better within the context of predictable routines and familiar environments.

Knowing they will return to Paradise Cove's small, contained beach environment on a consistent basis provides the continuity and familiarity young children need to feel safe and secure. Equally important, it helps ensure their camp experience (especially those attending camp for the first-time) gets off to a great start so they will want to return to summer camp (even if it's not with us) for years to come.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Is Jet Skiing the Most Popular Activity at Aloha Beach Camp?

Camp counselor, boy and girl jet skiing at Castaic Lake
Today we received a phone call from a parent asking if jet skiing's the most popular summer camp activity here at Aloha. We told her what we tell all families who are interested in learning more about our program: Most campers love all the activities we offer, but everyone has their individual favorites.

Apparently the reason she asked if jet skiing was the most popular activity was because she was aware of our jet skiing activity takes place every Wednesday at Castaic Lake during the summer, and her friend told her these days sell out faster than others. She has an 8-year old son who really wants to go jet skiing this summer so she wanted to make sure it wasn't too late to sign up.

Well first things first. Even though we already have lots of kids registered for summer camp 2017, it's definitely NOT too late to sign up for camp! In fact there's still ample space available, and you have ample time to register, too. We anticipate this remaining the case until at least March.

Why is March so significant? Because we're having our first open house on March 19, and historically space at camp gets full after our first open house every year. But for now, ample space is available, so no worries there.

Now let's revisit this issue of jet skiing popularity real quickly. We have over 200 different aquatic activities here at camp, so it' worth noting again everyone has their own individual preferences as to which camp activities they love the most.

For example, there are DEFINITELY lots of kids who enjoy jet skiing the most - it's far and away their favorite camp activity. But then again, many other kids say surfing, boogie boarding, beach games on the sand, or various other ocean activities are their favorite activities instead.

Again, it's all up to each individual camper, and your child will love every minute of their Aloha Beach Camp experience because there's so many fun things to do. But rest assured, if jet skiing is your camper's thing, Aloha Beach Camp is the place to be! They'll get their fill of jet skiing all summer, and they'll love it so much they'll ask to come back year after year to do it some more.

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Counselor-in-Training Program Starts Next Summer

Be an Aloha Beach Camp CIT

If you or someone you know would like to be an Aloha Beach Camp CIT (Counselor-in-Training) next summer, we are accepting applications now through Dec. 1, 2017.

Program Description

Our CIT program is available to mature and responsible boys and girls 15 and 16 years old who want to work with young children, learn valuable leadership skills, and even become Aloha Beach Camp Counselors one day. (Applicants younger than 15 years old will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

CITs volunteer for a 2-week, 5-day per week session (10 total days), contributing their time and effort in exchange for valuable work experience and training. Participants will work with boys and girls ages 4 through 7 leading games and activities while actively engaging with their groups and helping to supervise them during the camp day and on the bus each morning and afternoon.

The fee to participate in the CIT program is $499 for two weeks. Interested parties must complete an Application process which includes a written online application, two reference forms, and a personal interview with our staff.

Please be aware there is only LIMITED SPACE available for the CIT program, and we anticipate an extremely competitive application and selection process based on the interest and inquiries we've already received.

Application Deadline December 1

We suggest submitting your application sooner rather than later considering we've already begun hiring staff for next summer. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS DECEMBER 1, 2016.

Here is a link to the CIT Application Form.  Once we receive your Application, we will email you with the next steps in the process including interview information. Please be aware anyone who applies for the CIT program but does not get accepted will receive a full refund of their CIT program fees.

If you have any questions, please let them in the comments section below and we will respond right away.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hawaii Summer Camp 2017

Our Hawaii summer camp website is now online. If you've every wanted to go to camp in Hawaii, here's your chance! We're running a 1-week program from July 31 - Aug 5, 2017. Enrollment is open now. Aloha!