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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do cell phones, iPods and Gameboys Have a Place at Camp?

Seems like everyone, kids included, has a cell phone, iPod or other electronic device they can't live without. Some camps allow kids to bring these items to camp while others discourage them completely.

Aloha Beach Camp asks kids to leave their ipods, Gameboys, cell phones, video games and other portable electronics at home. Not only are these items easily lost, damaged or stolen, they are counterproductive to the camp experience.

Our goals at camp are to teach kids about the beach and ocean enviroment, help them enjoy new activities like surfing or boogie boarding and meet new friends.

But if children sit on the beach listing to their iPods or talking on their cell phones, they typically do so alone -- isolated from the rest of the group -- and their opportunities to learn and experience new activities are limited.

Sometimes parents insist on sending a cell phone to camp with their kids. They might feel better knowing they can reach their child immediately in any circumstance. But if you trust the camp to do its job correctly, there is certainly no reason for your child to have a phone with them. Just call or email the camp office because they can reach your child right away.

Now here's the flip side. Some camps (especially overnight camps) use technology to stay in touch with you and even provide ways you can see and communicate with your child while they're at camp. Some camps will post pictures of your child on the Internet as well as give you the opportunity to email your child while they are having fun at camp.

Moreover, lots of camps specialize in technology-based activities. Computer camps and video-making camps are quite popular these days. Check out http://www.findacamp.com for a camp like this near you.

Aloha Beach Camp embraces technology and the power of the Internet. But we would rather not allow electronic devices into the camp community...at least until your camper can boogie board while talking on their cell phone at the same time :-)

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