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Friday, January 24, 2014

Camp is Defined by the Experience Itself, Not the Location Where it Takes Place

I usually don’t answer my office phone after dinner but around 8:00 pm last night I got a call from a prospective camp parent whom I’d already spoken to several times earlier in the day. I knew it was her from the Caller ID.

This lady was extremely interested in our program. We already had several 5 or 10 minute conversations throughout the day yesterday as she kept calling back with more questions every few hours. Each time she called she was increasingly excited for her daughter to experience Aloha Beach Camp this summer. So even though it was already 8:00 pm, I decided to pick up the phone assuming by now she was ready to sign up for camp.

To my surprise (and I confess disappointment), she was calling to thank me for taking so much time to discuss our program, but after speaking with her husband decided it was more important to send their daughter to a “real” camp this summer, not a beach or surf camp. More specifically, she said her husband considers a beach camp less of a “real” camp compared to those with traditional programs.

I didn’t push the issue. I simply offered to be here if they change their mind, explained I totally understand our program's not for everyone, and assured her I’d rather see their family go somewhere else other than Aloha Beach Camp without being 100% certain they made the right choice.

Now just one more thing.

Regarding her contention a beach camp isn’t a “real” camp, I assure you the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of families who’ve experienced and loved Aloha Beach Camp over the years would completely reject that premise.

The fact is this: The joys, fun, friendships and memories kids get from the camp experience is the only thing that matters, not the location where camp takes place.

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