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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aloha Beach Camp Transportation

All Your Summer Camp Transportation Questions Answered In One Place

Transportation is an essential part of the Aloha Beach Camp program. Transporting your kids to and from camp every day in a safe, timely manner is our number one goal. You might surprised to know we get just as many questions about how our bus system works as we do about camp itself.

If your child is registered for Aloha Beach Camp this summer or you're considering our program for camp transportation after reading this post, by all means please feel free to contact us.
Picture of an Aloha Beach Camp summer camp school bus.
your kids, you may have questions about transportation. We've posted the most common bus questions parents ask us here. If you have further questions about

Is transportation included in the day camp price?

Yes. The tuition price to attend Aloha Beach Camp is $105 per day which includes transportation to and from camp. We do not charge extra for transportation.

Do we get a discount for not taking the bus?

We do not offer discounts for bringing your child to camp yourself. Riding the bus is an important part of the camp day. Many kids enjoy riding the bus as much as they like camp itself. Riding the bus provides a great opportunity for campers to meet new friends and get to know their counselors. Moreover, our transportation contractor requires us to pay the same price whether or not the bus is full. Unfortunately, our bus contractor does not give us discounts for campers who don't ride the bus.

Who is your bus contractor?

Tumbleweed Transportation is Aloha Beach Camp's bus contractor. We have worked with Tumbleweed in this capacity for the past 12 years.

What kind of buses do you use?

Transportation is provided in late-model school buses with seat-belts. School buses are the safest mode of transportation for kids, even safer than passenger cars in an automobile accident. 

Who are the bus drivers?

Aloha's bus drivers are California-state certified professional school bus drivers. Each has been drug tested and passed a criminal background checks We typically have the same bus drivers every year -- their names are Dan, Anna, Janny and Kay -- so the kids and counselors know them well. Moreover, since our drivers have been with us forever, they're vastly familiar with our pick-up and drop-off system creating a seamless bus ride for your child from his or her meeting point to the beach and back again.

 How long will my child be on the bus?

In general, you can expect your child's bus ride to last anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on where you live and your chosen meeting point. (For example, campers on our Hancock Park and Studio City buses will generally have longer rides than, say, other kids using our Malibu bus.) In all cases, our goal is to minimize the time your child spends on the bus while and maximizing their time spent at camp.

How do you decide where the bus stops will be?

We aim to offer as many bus stops as possible throughout L.A. and the Valley so you don't have to drive more than a couple minutes from your home or office to meet the bus, however, the question of where we establish meeting points principally comes down to geographical enrollment patterns. During the past 15 years, several "evergreen" bus stops have emerged such as those in Studio City, Hancock Park, Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Woodland Hills which we do not foresee changing since so many kids attend Aloha Beach Camp from these communities every summer. If a number of kids sign up for camp from a given area but there is no stop designated there, we may decide to offer a new bus stop nearby. If only a few kids enroll from a given area, we are less likely to feature a bus stop in that location. 

Are you adding any new bus stops this year?

We have not identified any news stops for summer camp 2015. However, our camp directors are always on the lookout for possible new summer camp meeting point. Santa Monica, Cheviot Hills, West Hollywood, and surrounding West L.A. communities are strong candidates for a new bus route this year, but we don't anticipate making a firm decision on this until at least the second week of March.

What are the current bus stops and meeting point times?

You can find this summer's bus information, including a schedule of pick-up and drop-off times and associated meetings points, on the transportation section of our website.
Do the Counselors ride the buses with the kids?

Yes, the counselors are always on the buses with the kids. Most buses have at least two or three counselors on board. The counselors are responsible for managing camper safety and supervision while keeping the kids engaged and having fun

Can parents ride the buses with the kids?

Unfortunately our insurance policy restricts parents from boarding the buses with the kids.

What happens if we miss the morning bus?

When you sign up for camp you will be given a schedule of your meeting point location and pick-up and drop-off times. The buses run on very tight schedules and typically cannot wait more than two or three minutes past the designated time. If you are going to be only a few minutes late, please call our office immediately at (818) 932-4600 to let us know as we may be able to wait a minute or two longer. If you will be more than a few minutes late, you may be able to meet the bus at a future stop on the same route. If you will be excessively late, you will need to drive your child to camp yourself. 

What if I'm late picking up my child at the afternoon stop?

Rest assured we will never leave a child unattended at a bus stop. That said, we urge you to do everything possible to arrive at the stop on time. If you are going to be late, please call us immediately at (818) 932-4600 as you may still have time to meet the bus at a future stop. However, if you will be exceedingly late with no possibility of meeting the bus at a future meeting point, you will need to wait at your child's normal meeting point until the driver can complete his or her route before circling back and returning to you. As you can imagine, this put undue stress on everyone including your child, so please be prompt. 

Do the buses have seat belts?

Yes, all the buses have seat belts.Wearing seat belts at all times, whether or not the bus is in motion, is mandatory safety requirement.

What if someone other than the parent needs to pick up my child at the afternoon bus stop?

To ensure the safety of all campers, we will never release a child to any unauthorized person. If someone other than the parent or legal guardian is to pick up your camper at the afternoon stop, we will need notice beforehand. Please call our office, send us an email, or send a signed note with the authorized person's name and phone number. The authorized person will be required to show a photo ID to our counselors and bus staff and your child must be able to recognize them.

Please don't forget to ask any additional questions we haven't mentioned here.

We've tried to be thorough answering the most frequently asked questions we get about transportation. If we've forgotten anything, please leave a comment or email us and we'll answer it right away. Thank you!

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