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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Get Summer Camp Scholarships and Financial Aid

Interested in getting financial aid or a summer camp scholarship this year? We have some tips for you.

Does sending your child to camp may seem to get more expensive every year? Your impressions may be accurate. 

Unfortunately, as operating costs continue to rise, the main way for camps to stay open is by raising prices.

The good news is that camp directors are generally very nice people, and most do not want kids to miss a phenomenal camp experience simply because their parents may have a little trouble paying for it. 

Here's a couple solutions to consider to help you cover the cost of camp.

1. Ask the camp director if they take payment plans.

In years past, most camps required full payment up front before your child's first day of camp. However, many programs now offer payment plans so you can spread out your payments over time. This is obviously much easier than coming up with a lump sum of money up front! So be sure to ask the camp director if they have any payment plans you can take advantage of.

2. Summer Camp Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs  

Some camps offer financial aid and scholarships, but you many not even know about these opportunities unless you ask, so be sure to ask the camp director about any potential financial assistance programs (some camps call their scholarships "camperships" instead). Two points to note are that even though many camps do offer these types of programs, they may only have a limited number of them to give away and they are often based on need, so be sure to find out as soon as possible.

How to Ask for Financial Assistance

First and foremost, you should NEVER feel hesitant or embarrassed about inquiring into a camp's scholarship or financial assistance programs. In our experience, more camps offer programs like these than don't. It's entirely reasonable for you to ask the camp director,  "What kind of financial aid programs do you have," or "Do you offer any scholarships or camperships?" 

The only potential downside is that either the camp doesn't offer these kinds of money-saving programs or perhaps they've already given away their allotment for the year. 

But the upside is you just may discover find that a camp that seemed out of reach financially suddenly became affordable because the camp was able to provide a little help.

Remember, you never know until you ask! :)

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