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Thank you for visiting Aloha Beach Camp's summer camp blog. Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic-focused day camp program for kids and teens ages 4 to 14 in Los Angeles, California. 2019 Summer Camp activities include surfing lessons, boogie boarding, ocean swimming lessons, tubing, jet skiing and more at Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove in Malibu, and Castaic Lake in Valencia (just outside L.A.) plus other amazing aquatic venues. Join us for summer camp 2019!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

West Hollywood Summer Camps

More and more kids from West Hollywood participate in Aloha Beach Camp's summer program each year. So we wanted to give you a little more info if you live in that part of L.A. and might be considering Aloha for your kids this year.


Picture of a hand-drawn map of the beach, Pacific Ocean, and the city of Los Angeles with the city of West Hollywood highlighted in the background.

Aloha Beach Camp is a summer day camp for kids who love the beach. Our program takes place at local Los Angeles beaches and lakes like Zuma and Paradise Cove in Malibu, and Castaic Lake in Santa Clarita. Campers visit these aquatic sites on a rotating basis where our counselors provide expert instruction helping the kids learn to surf, boogie board, jet ski, kayak and more.

Now let's be honest. Even though our program focuses on beach activities, you probably don't think of West Hollywood being too close to the ocean. No worries!

Aloha Beach Camp is one of the few L.A. area beach camps with free transportation so you don't have to drive your child to camp yourself. You can meet the bus at a convenient meeting point instead. In fact our transportation program is exactly why so many southern California kids are able to enjoy our program each summer. With many established bus stops throughout L.A., you will generally won't need to drive more than a few minutes away from your home or office to find a bus stop whether you live in West Hollywood or anywhere else. (We use a the same local bus company as our bus contractor every year.)

Why has Aloha Beach Camp become so popular among West Hollywood kids?

Aloha Beach Camp was founded in 1999.Over the years many West Hollywood boys and girls have attended our program, but not a particularly overwhelming number until a few years ago when many, many kids from that area began siging up for camp in droves.

We haven't taken a formal survey about the reason for this phenomenon; after all, summertime's the perfect time of year for kids to experience the beach and ocean no matter where they live. But we have a hunch it's due to the addition of our nearby Hancock Park meeting point we implemented a few years back.

Picture of Third Street Elementary School where West Hollywood kids can meet the Aloha Beache Camp bus this summer.

Long story short, up until 2012 West Hollywood kids who participated in our program had to meet the bus in Westwood since this was the closest available stop to their homes. But even though a few hardy West Hollywood families didn't mind making the trek all the way to UCLA and back just to send their kids to camp, we wanted to make things easier on them and others living in L.A.'s Mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile and Mid-City districts

So what we did was, we searched for a number of potential bus stops in West Hollywood and surrounding communities that would be convenient for everyone. We eventually we decided on 3rd Street Elementary School in Hancock Park.

It worked. Today the Hancock Park bus is used by over 100 families each summer including many campers from West Hollywood. The marked increase in camp enrollment we've seen the past few years from West Hollywood boys and girls has directly coincided with the addition of the 3rst Street School stop. Let's face it, making the short drive from West Hollywood to Hancock Park is much better than making the long drive to UCLA!

What do Kids do at Aloha Beach Camp?

Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic day camp for kids and teens. Campers attending our program enjoy ocean-based activities like surfing lessons and boogie boarding. All the activities are instructional, so even kids who are new to the beach and ocean can safely participate in our program. But the fun doesn't end in the water!

Many sand-based activities take place too. Campers enjoy sports and games, beach pinatas, lanyard making, cookie decorating, relay races, water rocket and so much more. The kids wear sunscreen all day and find protection from the sun under our large tents and canopies which they stay under when not in the water.

Young boy at Aloha Beach Camp giving the "Hang Loose" sign on the beach at  Paradise Cove.

What's Included in the Day Camp Price?

All camp activities, transportation, instruction, and supervison are included in the normal price for camp. But the value doesn't end there. Many kids who attend our program come from families where both parents work making childcare a real issue during the summertime. Sometimes you may need to add a day or camp at the last minute or make a last minute scheduling change. No problem!

Aloha Beach Camp offers flexible camp enrollment where you can sign up for camp day-by-day whenever you want instead of getting locked into rigid preplanned sessions in advance.

Requiring families to conform to preplanned sessions might be good for camps, but it's not necessarily great for families who have busy summer schedules and don't need the added hassle of planning their entire summer around rigid camp sessions!

So now you can basically create your OWN camp sessions at Aloha Beach Camp, and they can be as long or as short as you want. And you can choose any number of days you want, too. You can book a day here, a day there, and change them around if something comes up. You can even sign up at the last minute assuming we have space. You don't need to conform to preplanned sessions anymore because we don't even HAVE any sessions! How's THAT for easy camp enrollment scheduling? :)

Hopefully our Friendship With You is Just Beginning! Be sure to Attend Our March 22 Open House at Zuma Beach. You Might Just See Someone From West Hollywood You Know! :) 

We've done our best to answer the most frequently asked questions about Aloha Beach Camp here while giving you a general rundown of our program. Please let us know in the comments if you'd like more information. We've got an open house coming up on March 22 in Malibu if you'd like to join us. The Open House is free but we're expecting lot of families so we're asking you to RSVP and get your free tickets now. 

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