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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Create Your Own Camp Sessions at Aloha Beach Camp

When you ask parents to list their most preferable features in a summer camp, you might get several different answers since so many people have different opinions on what's important to them in a camp.

The first person you ask might tell you finding an affordable summer camp is their top priority. Someone else might be looking for a program close to home. Conversely, another family could be looking into sending their kids far away to camp, perhaps across the country or even further.

But even though many people have different opinions is what's important to them when choosing a summer program for their kids, there's one common criteria that seems to always come up no matter who you ask: Pretty much everyone wants easy, flexible and convenient summer camp enrollment that doesn't interfere with their other summer plans.

Families are busy, juggling all kinds of schedules. And from what we've seen and heard, they're flat-out sick and tired of trying to plan their summers around fixed camp sessions. They'd rather create their own camp sessions while sending their kids to camp when it's convenient for THEM, not when the camp says they have to.

Well, guess what? We totally agree with you. To our way of thinking, "flexible summer camp enrollment" means YOU tell us when you're coming to camp, NOT the other way around. And that's what you get when you sign up for Aloha Beach Camp. There are no prearranged camp sessions you need to conform to. You can send your child to camp day-by-day on any schedule you choose. It's self-directed summer camp enrollment, and it's yours all summer at Aloha Beach Camp. Enjoy!

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