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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Beach Camps

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Beach Camps for Kids

Many (if not most) of the kids who attend Aloha Beach Camp's summer  program come from referrals of other happy campers and families.

We always love referrals!

But even though they're often referred to our camp by their friends, most people don't automatically sign up for camp site-unseen. They usually have a some initial questions to help them make sure Aloha Beach Camp is right for them.

We appreciate everyone's questions and always enjoy connecting with you! And the questions we get run the gamut from how long we've been in business to where the camp takes place and more.

In fact, one of the questions we've been getting lately from parents is this: What exactly is a summer beach camp for kids? So we thought we'd take this opportunity to briefly discuss the beach camp concept in comparison to other types of summer camps to help clarify.

In general, a beach camp is just what it sounds like: Summer camp at the beach. In other words, all the camp activities and programming take place on the sand and in the ocean.

Depending on the nature of the activities, kids might go surfing, boogie boarding, jet skiing, and body surfing in the water. They may also play lots of games on the sand like beach soccer, beach volleyball, race sand crabs, or build sand castles.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand this might be to compare it to another kind of camp -- a traditional summer program, for example.

Kids attending traditional camps may take a field trip or two to the beach once in a while, but that's not the primary focus of their program like it is at beach camps. Instead, their focus would be on more traditional camp activities like horseback riding, songs around the campfire, drama lessons, archery courses - things like that. And the camp itself would more likely take place in a rustic setting, perhaps in the woods or a lakefront property somewhere. But not the beach.

And that's pretty much it. When you think of a beach camp, think of an aquatic-themed summer program that takes place right at the beach and you're on the right track.

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