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Sunday, January 6, 2019

What is the Job of Your Child's Camp Counselor?

Your child's camp counselor has many roles and responsibilites. Here are the Top 3.

1. To Keep (and Make them Feel) Safe

Protecting your child's safety is the number one job of any camp counselor. Your child must not only be safe at all times, but they need to feel safe and secure at camp, too. Your child's counselor should be taking role, doing head counts, and making sure all games and activities your camper's participating in are safe and free of hazards. Of course, 100% of the risk cannot be eliminated in any aspect of life, but at the same time, your child's camp counselor must leave no stone unturned with respect to safety, and must supervise, protect and care for your child as if they were their own.

2. To be a Role Model

Children are impressionable. They look up to adult supervisors and authority figures and model their behavior. If your child's counselor talks a certain way, or acts a certain way, your child may begin assuming the same attributes. To this end, it's imperative your child's counselor act with maturity, make responsible decisions, treat everyone with kindness and respect, and be cognizant that your child is watching.

3. To Make Sure they Have Fun

For a child, going to camp means having fun! Sometimes just being at camp with all the activities and new friends can be fun enough, but a good camp counselor can make it better. The best camp counselors play with the kids and participate in all the activities, and deep down inside may themselves still be a kid at heart. The best camp counselors set goals for themselves before the summer starts, and making sure their campers have fun is always as the top of the list. If your child's counselor did their job right, your child will look back on their camp experience all through their life and remember that amazing camp counselor who made the experience so fun.

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